Katelyn MacMullenWeb

September 2, 2019

General Hospital’s newest rising star, Katelyn MacMullen is shining bright like a diamond with her material on the ABC daytime drama. MacMullen joined the show in October 2018 as Willow Tait and quickly became a fan favorite. It was then, fans became interested in learning much more about the actress and Soap Opera News got the chance to chat with her.

In regards to her background, MacMullen shared, “Growing up, my family moved around a lot! I was born in Los Angeles, where I was introduced to modeling and acting, but stopped when we moved to Reno, Nevada, which is where I grew up for the most part. I was in college for about a year, when I decided to drop out and go back to Los Angeles to pursue acting. I’ve been really lucky, since moving here. I’ve had a great support system including my family, my friends, my managers, and my agents!”

We then talked about her time on General Hospital and she noted, “Joining the cast of General Hospital has been amazing! I’m learning so much, I love who I work with, and I love the story that I’ve been apart of. It’s pushed me in so many ways and I couldn’t be more thankful for this opportunity!”

Surely, MacMullen couldn’t have predicted what the future held for her in the soap world. And, never did she think that Willow would become such a fan favorite. MacMullen told us, “Honestly, I didn’t even know that! And that’s really nice to hear! But, no, that is not something I foresaw. I knew going into this that the role of Willow was going to be challenging (which I love!) and I’m so thankful for the support that I’ve received! And I’m so glad that people can relate, and respond to Willow!”

Source and full interview: Soap Opera News